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Green Refining and Artisanally/Fair Mined Metals

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

We hope our customers are pleased to know that the Village Goldsmith uses only "environmentally friendly" gold. Our studio has relied upon Hoover & Strong ©, a leader in responsible sourcing and refining of materials, as our precious metal supplier for nearly forty years.

Today Hoover & Strong offers Harmony Recycled Precious Metals, Green Refining, and Artisanally Mined Metals which include Fair-mined, Fair Trade, and Fair Congo sources. Developed in 2008 Harmony Recycled Precious Metals consists of 100% , SCS Global System certified recycled metals. All metals are purchased from jewelers or other refining companies, allowing our customers the opportunity to save a little bit of the earth from major mining operations.

The Green Refining process furthers our mission of pollution reduction through clean re-karating and refining or precious metals. Hoover & Strong, ahead of the game, completely recreated their operation in the 1980's to be fully compliant with federal, state, and local anti-pollution regulations during that period and in anticipation of future policy. Now the greenest refinery in the United States, Hoover & Strong reduced their chemical production by 80 percent. Nothing goes into the ground or sewers and the air is alway clean.

Additionally, their collaboration with fair mining organizations has assisted in bringing artisanally mined metal into the United States. Clients can now choose responsibly refined precious metals to create their jewelry or to support thousands of independent, small-scale miners, families and communities.

To be concise, we know your jewelry has a story; one we are happy to positively contribute to!

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