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Nestled in the Estes Park valley, at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains, our custom studio has been crafting distinctive fine jewelry since 1976.  Often inspired by our beautiful surroundings we strive to produce the highest quality possible in our adornments. 


We have pursued the art of lost wax casting and fabrication, to create unique, timeless, and sentimental pieces of wearable art, with great enthusiasm for the métier and anticipation for future trends. 

Karen Jirsa and Ron Monroe, whose combined experience with the Village Goldsmith exceeds 50 years, continue the tradition of handcrafted artistry with ensured creativity and quality. 

Most importantly we want you involved in creating your one of a kind jewelry! This is how it's done. 

Provide our talented goldsmiths and designers with descriptions or sketches of your unique ideas.  A wax model will be hand carved from these details and through the process of lost wax casting the final gold or platinum piece is assembled. 


Designing or selecting a piece of custom-made jewelry is an exacting and exciting process - from the origination of an idea to its creation.  Join us in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, with experienced and knowledgeable staff. 





Each piece of unique jewelry created by the talented artists of the Village Goldsmith is made from 100% recycled gold and precious metals.  These recycled metals are also refined meaning the final product you receive is of the same high quality as mined materials, unaccompanied by the degradation many mining ventures cause our beautiful home to suffer.  For a little more information on this matter click here


The individual diamonds and gemstones are personally selected by our team, from major international markets as well as local lapidary partners, ensuring unparalleled caliber of our exquisite stones. 

Furthermore, in accordance with the Kimberley Process of 2003, all diamonds are certified conflict free. 

Locally Owned 

Ron Portrait.jpg

Ron Monroe

Lead Goldsmith

Karen Portrait .jpg

Karen Jirsa

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