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Creation for a Cause

I don't think it's too much to say that 2020 really hasn't been anyone's year.

As the COVID-19 virus grew to it's pandemic classification everyone faced the challenge of adjusting to the new normal of the world. Businesses reluctantly let go of their employees and travailed, only to struggle maintaining an optimism that things will return to the status quo. Families rearrange their homes and schedules to become offices and classrooms. Brave medical, janitorial, and grocery staff continue to aid everyone in our efforts to stay safe, healthy, and supplied.

Pet's are pretty happy with us all at home, so we'll take some comfort in that.

But as a small studio, in a small town that primarily consists of businesses like ours, it is difficult not to worry about everyone; concern for your neighbors, fellow business owners, employees, your community. And although we know Estes Park has always been a community that during trying times will come together to support each other and those who need it most, facing an issues as extensive and universal as this virus leaves an exponential number vulnerable to the economic, emotional, and physical hardships. So in this time of isolation we have been reflecting on our

ability to help and how to connect with all of you, who we know are searching for a way to help too.

Mountain Meditation, our new pendant, allows you to make a contribution to Estes Park's Crossroads philanthropy. Similar to our Flood Love pendant in 2013, 10% of each purchase will be donated to help families in need. This includes those who are temporarily without employment, who are on fixed incomes, or those who just need a little help right now. Visit to find out more about what you are doing to help. Donate more on their site or chat with us about giving.

We wanted to create a piece that allowed everyone to give consideration to how fortunate many of us are to live in an incredible place like Estes Park, and live with others who care deeply about our community. Being Mountain Strong comes with it's challenges, we all know, but embracing this type of ethos allows us to reflect on and appreciate the beauty of our Rocky Mountains! With our new Meditations pendant we also remember that sometimes our position in life can be fragile, like reflections on our alpine lakes disrupted by a breeze, and that we must cooperate and help those in need to keep Estes Park strong. With this in mind, may we please encourage you to wear your Mountain Mediation pendant with pride! Customize your piece to display your love for our mountains, our friends, our families, our town of Estes Park.

Be Safe. Be Strong. Be Kind.

The wax is the initial step in the custom process.  Carved then encased in it's plaster mold before being cast in gold.

Beginning from a wax model we progress to cast in gold and for a limited time sterling silver. Customize your pendant with diamonds, birthstones, or other details to make it your own

The perfect pendant to show your pride and care for your community. Also, a perfect gift for anyone you know who also loves our Rocky Mountain town!

Choose the orientation of your new pendant. Emphasize the Longs Peak ridgeline and its reflection or opt for a more avant-garde presentation of this silhouette which is reminiscent of our beautiful golden aspen leaves.

Thank you, everyone, for your support of local/small businesses during this difficult time. Stay Mountain Strong!

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