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Ca$h for Your Gold

Updated: May 21, 2020

Taking the initial steps to create a custom piece of jewelry is an exciting time! It is also a great opportunity for our customers to rid themselves of their old, broken, and unwanted jewelry and receive a cash value or, when you choose to create or buy with us, receive a 20% increase to the value of the precious metals you bring to us. So get an easy head start to your new custom project and home decluttering.

Bring in a little or your collection. You can ship or utilize our curb-side drop-off and pick-up. We will inspect the pieces, determine value, and you can decide how to proceed!

What you may be wondering:

"What can I bring?"

Bring in any and all precious metals you no longer wish to keep. This includes, of course, gold but also silver, platinum, and palladium.

"Do I get the current market value for gold, silver, and platinum?"

Yes, but remember there are several factors that must be integrated and will effect the value of the sum you bring. The most ostensible being the karating of the gold or fineness of other material.

Jewelry created with precious metals will often contain a stamp as to the quality of the material; find these indications on the interior of rings, backs of pendants, and posts of earrings.

If you are unsure, again, bring it all to us! We will inspect everything to prioritize your gain.

Further, decide the best avenue for you to pursue. If you want to create a new piece mention this post and you will receive a 20% increase in the value you bring us. If you just want the cash, we'll write you a check. If the pieces are sentimental we can upcycle the stones or the whole piece. Turn an inherited pendant into earrings you can wear everyday!

"What do you do with the gold?"

We hope our customers appreciate that all our pieces are made from recycled and green-refined precious metals. For more information on this please redirect here.

The material you bring us will be sent to our refiner to be sorted and re-karated, all impurities will be removed in an environmentally conscious process.

We are open year round! Start your project today!

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